Documents to show the actual directory hierarchy in the document list, with most recently shown document up top

It’s very annoying that if I’m reading a long PDF document on the Documents app and accidentally do an edge swipe of push the little light up left, I’m suddenly in a list of all my documents, which can easily be thousands of items long, apparently in date order of all things. I’d prefer to see the actual directory hierarchy of my documents, starting from the home directory, with that directory open where the document is - and the document I’ve just accessed on top of the list. Or at least, if for some reason the documents have to be shown flat, to at least have the most recently opened document at the top of the list. So I can quickly go back to it and continue reading, instead of having to either go to the File Browser app where I opened the document, or open a search in the document pool. (As a side note, I really don’t understand why there’s only a gigantic pool of documents with a search function and not a view to the actual directory tree.)

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