Docker + Sailfish Os

Hey! I’m new with Docker and i practicing it in internet. I’m have been interested many years of sailfish os. Can i combine SfOs and Docker somehow? Like a “new hobby”

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Not sure what you are looking for. But here is:

I recently needed to migrate my personal Virtuozzo VPS to a root VPS so I took the chance to put all and everything into Docker containers (mx, httpd, cms, xmpp …). Yea, Docker containers or Linux containers in general are fun and make migrations a blizz.

The hardest part was to put legacy stuff (I run a CMS based on Python 2.4(!)) from the old server into custom images. Eventually I solved this by trial and error using different EOL Debian-based base images where I compiled a lot of stuff into (docker exec -it is your friend).

For SailfishOS you can use @coderus SDK image to compile binaries or build RPM packages if SPEC files are available.

Combine Docker with SailfishOS so you would like to run Docker on top of the OS on your mobile? This might be possible like flatpaks use similar technology and work on most SailfishOS phones. Even the Jolla Android layer uses a container to run APKs. You should have a look into Docker setup and eventually build the missing parts with SDK to run them on your phone. It’s all possible as long as you don’t run into Virtuozzo VPS which is the worst thing on the planet to get Docker images running (thankfully my previous VPS provider crashed my Virtuozzo container so I switch to KVM instead of Virtuozzo – on a new hosting provider).