DIY Satnav is problem for Non-tech Please Help!

Finally, after years of going back to my old, out dated android that only exists for when I need a functional SatNav I am trying to tackle the DIY mess that is the only option on Sailfish.
I’m trying to get Pure Maps, ALL the various OSM Scout apps/servers, any copatible voice app & whatever else I need.
The ones in store are mostly out of date & advise Openrepos / chum (do not look up chum so maybe specify SailfishOS Chum :see_no_evil: in future,) as the place to get the most up to date versions but the latest Sailfish OS just blocks the install with a generic message = red triangle of doom + Problem with installing.

Why? I have Untrusted Software = Allowed

There MUST & SHOULD be a much easier way to build a functional SatNav especially as not everyone here is here for the tech banter. I’m just here because the big brands are data thieves & their devices just got way too glitchy on top of that!

Any assist welcome but please assume that I am very uncomfortable using terminal (Basics, Info for coping & pasting only).

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Ah, so you do not want to use Android apps on your device?, if you do, I use Here Maps, the only thing missing from that is voice, other than that, i find it works well.

If you don’t want to use Android apps for this purpose, then I don’t know what to suggest, I’ve not bothered to try native apps, as devs make this stuff, then leave SFOS because…well, SFOS.

I’m using OSM Scout (not the server, just OSM Scout), installed from Jolla store (it is on openrepos also, and probably chum). It can be use both offline and online, no terminal necessary :wink:


Puremaps is also available in the Jolla store.


I have no problem using android apps but last time I tested an android SatNav it did not work. Presumably because it’s sandboxed or whatever & cannot access GPS/Location. Also the app I was using on my old android phone has gone completely nuts the last two times I used it so I’ll pass.

Yeah but according to it’s own blurb you need at least Pure Maps, OSM Scout server and a compatible voice app as satnav is a bit of a no go with out the voice whilst driving.

I know but it requires all the other OMS servers & scouts that are not or only the out of date versions are available from the Jolla store. Also compatible voice app apparently only available from Openrepos or SailfishOS Chum a website which is itself a nightmare for non-techheads like me.

Android works with gps and voice, BUT I can only say about android with full opengapps, so tracking included, on the other hand in-app purchases work too, that will require downloading one script ( and running it from terminal, herewego with google voice services installed just informed me I need to turn left, I would still suggest chum and puremaps/scout server but at least that works with 1-2 terminal commands

What about Navit?

Works for me.

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i use Magic Earth
works quite well, at least in germany

I would use Puremaps & OMSscout/scout server but I SFOS is blocking the install of the OSM server, same problem with the voice app Mimic tried both from Openrepos & SFOS Chum.
So unless the version of OSM Server in Jolla is just as good (despite being a several years out of date) and if there is a Puremaps compatible voice app also in Jolla store I’m kinda stuck.

Alas, Navit is a nope as:


Note the last line.

You’ll pass without trying it?, no skin off my nose, it works on my device, but of course, your mileage may vary (pun intended).

Hm, not my experience I just installed OSM scout, as far as I know server and puremaps hasn’t been installed, I’m using it whenever I need navigation (last time just a couple of hours ago).

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Ditto. Just works. I do download maps locally. But osm-scout doesn’t need a lot of tending to.

You mention Here Maps but point out that there is no voice nav. I need voice nav. I can’t be staring at my phone whilst driving.
Sorry but I’d like to live a little longer & also not kill other people whilst travelling from A to B.

Of course, unlike you I look at the screen all the time, I’ve written off 15 cars this week, but no one died.

What do you mean by downloading maps locally? You mean from Jolla store?
From my end it’s looking fairly pointless as I really need the voice as well but if SFOS no longer lets third-party website downloads to be installed I’m stuck without usable satnav.

Your only suggestion before rolling your eyes at me like a bored troll:

You download maps from inside OSM Scout.