Displayed user name

Dear sailors,

when logging into this Forum the name of my Jolla account was used as the username.
I would like to change this to the same username that I used in the old forum.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find an option to change this in the settings.
Is there a solution?

Thanks and greetings!

You can change it under Preferences.

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I changed “Name” but there is no effect? Which is the correct field for enter the displayed user name?

To get there later on your own:
click your avatar on the top right, then click your user name and then preferences…

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The user name is a fixed one from your Jolla account.
Did TJC offer to have another one 7y ago (cannot remember and used the same)?

I guess best (and only? @jollaadmin) will be to create another account?

@peterleinchen In TJC you was able to set a Display Name. In TJC I have a Login Name (same as Jolla account name) and a Display Name (special for TJC). Now, in FSO, the value in field “Name” will used e.g. in user lists and in messages. So your answer will result in a email from FSO with your entry in “Name”.

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I am a bit confused about what name you are talking now.
I logged in to TJC and found my ‘user name’ (which is the same as my user name on Jolla) as well as my ‘real name’. Just like on this forum.

Or did you create another ‘user name’ on TJC different from the one from the Jolla account?
Then my above answer is valid.

@peterleinchen On TJC I have a ‘Login Name’ (= Jolla account) and a ‘Screen Name’ (found at TJC profile - overview -> update profile). The TJC ‘Screen Name’ is always editable (like the FSO ‘Name’).

And in TJC the ‘Screen Name’ (the FSO ‘Name’) is displayed. Here in FSO the ‘Username’ (the TJC ‘Login Name’) is displayed. The OP ask for change this to the TJC style. For me this is a good point.

FYI: In TJC you can also easly setup a different email address. Here in FSO you are tied to the Jolla account email address.


Thank you for all the answers and comments.
I’m a little confused too.
My Jolla login name was not identical to the username displayed in the old forum.
Of course I had to log in to the forum using the Jolla account with the Jolla username, but I was able to change the name displayed in the forum.
In order to enable an assignment of my person to the old forum, it would be helpful if I could also set this up here so that other users can also assign me.

As far as I understand it, a change here is not possible.
I can only add my “old” username as a name.
I beg your pardon for the confusion caused.

Greeting, “sailaway”

quoting hanswf

Thanks for clarification.
It just did not came to my mind that we were able to switch our user name (screen name) on askbot and still be the same user!? :eek:

When I created my account, after Jolla account logon, I was able to change filled username. Hope this helps others to get desired “nickname” shown.


@mSorvisto: Thanks for this advice.
It is possible that I missed this opportunity when I first registered.
The displayed name can obviously not be changed afterwards.