Display ongoing calendar events in events view

In the events view, there’s a list with the upcoming calendar events. However, it does not display the currently ongoing events (starting time < current time < ending time), it hides those, I believe, as soon as the starting time of the event has passed.

I’d like to display the currently ongoing events in the event view, since I often find myself going to the calendar application just to view the ongoing event. I often put train travels in my calendar, with information when I need to change trains in the description of the event. Another situation I find myself in, more often than I’d like to admit, is that I need to quickly locate the exact room number of my appointment when I’m running late :innocent: .

Anyhow, displaying the currently ongoing calendar event in the events view would help me get more quickly to the information I need.


… and as well on the cover of the calendar app, I’d like to add.


This works good for me:

Patch: Calendar cover upcoming | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System

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I do use this patch, but I don’t find the settings. Can I set a delay for the dismission of passed events?

Oh, can I also ask how I can make SFOS alert me when somebody’s birthday is coming (set in Contact info)?
Calendar event is there, but it never sounds any alarm.

The icon set you are using looks interesting. Did you customize this or is this an available package?

They are from the Screenshot from that openrepos-Link i posted, not from my system.