Disney+ Error code 39 in 4.1 & 4.2

Movies don’t play in app (see error code) and for Netflix I had to search for an apk suitable for android 4.4+ (which works fine).
What can be the cause and is there a workaround for this?

This is a known problem, that is probably caused by missing support for Google’s Widevine DRM and/or Google’s SafetyNet device certification system.

As far as I know, Google’s Widevine DRM has never been supported either by Sailfish OS’s Alien Dalvik or the microG project. No information whether or not it will be supported in the future.

Google SafetyNet was previously supported by microG’s DroidGuard Helper App, but recently Google changed things up and it stopped working. There is no information on whether microG will once again support SafetyNet in the future.

More information on this old Jolla Together thread.

Currently, with Xperia 10 II I and Sailfish OS, I have managed to get only two of the major streaming services working: Netflix App version 4.16.3 build 1572 or earlier and Amazon Prime Video App version 3.0.305.10945 (other versions should work too). I have microG’s Google Services and Fakestore installed with signature spoofing turned on.

The problem is Google. While apps often specify a minimum “Android” version, they neglect to mention that it requires Google’s Play Services as well. The de facto DRM on the web is Google Widevine, as @jtts mentioned, which is only available via Google Play Services, which of course is a reason we did not buy an Android-devices.

Also, even if you somehow install Widevine, you won’t be able to enjoy HD or 4K material, because they can’t control your device and thus they fear you might be able to copy the stream.

Aren’t those closed platforms great? These days I get my media from alternative sources which are not DRM encumbered. Funny how that goes.

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Thank you both for the replies. I was thinking of the same things, bit found it strange since these apps work with CalyxOs or /e/OS which both use also MicroG, hence I was wondering why it didn’t work in Sailfish with MicroG services.

Which are those media alternative sources? I am searching also for legal alternatives to Netflix, Disney and HBO.
Thank you!

I get much of my music from Bandcamp and stream from di.fm. As for series and movies, I do use Netflix on Kodi using a third-party add on, which works very well between the times when Netflix changes something. But here as well, only HD is supported because I dare to use Linux instead of some closed OS. Which is fine, as my tv is only 1080p and I use the cheaper Netflix subscription which only has 1080p. For stuff not on Netflix, I use … well let’s keep it at “alternative”. I’d have no problems paying for it, but if those companies make it so damn hard to be able to watch their stuff on my plain-as-can-be Kubuntu 20.04 distro using Kodi, then they can kiss my bottom.

Incidentally, you can run Kodi on Android as well, including the Netflix add-on. But, when on Android, Kodi seems to insist on using the DRM from the Play Services as well. I didn’t succeed in downloading the Widevine module, which on pc is very easy thanks to the guided UI.

But even if you do manage to install Widevine, changes are software decoding is enforced, which on my (old, very slow) pc limits Netflix to 720p due to performance :frowning:

Isn’t it great that even without Google you are bothered by Google-stuff?


If you don’t watch much, you can always buy the Blu-Rays, copy them on to your PC, strip the DRM and stream them via a media server such as Jellyfin* to your devices. This may be cheaper if you watch like a handful of films a year, such as me, but it will get expensive once you watch several a month.

* There’s this app named Sailfin that I’m developing on OpenRepos, which is a native SailfishOS client for Jellyfin :wink: