Discord on sailfish os

Wondering if there a way to have discord (a native one) on sailfish, even a text only thing will suffice.

I know there’s libpurple-discord on sailfish, but i guess there’s no telephaty client now that morsender is abandoned and os integration is really that old?

I also found this, but of course it’s not compiled, has anyone tried it?


While I am not sure how likely discord is to ban you, last time I looked into it, their APIs are not for normal end user, but for bots. Using their APIs for normal usage is against their ToS. There are multiple clients done in python / C++ that could be used to convert for Sailfish, but creating the chat UI would take quite a lot of effort.

Especially if there happens to be a bug which causes your account to spam their APIs, you would probably be banned permanently.

Not worth it.

Well, that compiles if you force the websockets dependency.

I have not installed and not tested (I don’t use Discord and do not want to) but this is here now:


[EDIT:] project deleted as it didn’t work…

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Thank you, it does not start anyway, just a white screen and terminal is complaining about a init.js file missing

Thank you anyway…

Could be because of SailJail.

EDIT: no it’s because of TypeScript. No idea how to use that in a QML application - probably needs to be compiled to .JS first.

Ah nevermind then, would be nice but i’ll use discord on the pc…

i got a bit further now. turns out one transpiles typescript into javascript by running either “tsc filename.ts” or tsc in the directory where tsconfig.json is placed. one can install tsc by running “npm install -g typescript” unfortunately globals.d.ts stays as it is and running it gives these errors: "[D] require:37 - Could not load module “./api/client/Client.js”, error code 3. TypeError: Cannot assign to read-only property “__esModule”
[D] require:40 - Could not load module “api/client/Client”
[W] unknown:51 - file:///usr/share/discord-aos/qml/init.js:51: TypeError: Cannot call method ‘on’ of undefined

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tsc filename.ts, i used brackets and filename.ts was not shown