Disable vibration during charging

I am using Sailfish OS on a new Xperia 10 III and getting used to it. I haven’t got a feel for how often I have to charge yet, and that also depends on where my phone is located overnight (wrt to phone and WiFi reception).
Result of this is that I regularily find the phone turned off because the battery was empty. The most annoying thing associated with that is that during charging the phone vibrates multiple times per minute.

That is extremely annoying. Where can vibration during loading be turned off? I want to continue to get vibration for incoming email, phone etc.

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First things first: please don’t make dual-topics (just one thing per thread, please), and do search before posting.

For your first question; this is a design limitation with at least a few threads about it already.
And for your second, it sounds like there is something wrong with your phone/cable/charger - it should not do that.

I use Situation app for that and other purposes.