Disable double-tap zoom in browser

Hi, the subject says it all.
Is there a way to disable double-tap zoom in the browser?
Thank you.

Have you checked about:config searching for “double”?


Yes I did but it does not help or I mess up with the wrong setting
There are two settings:
The double_tap setting does not turn off the feature and the second one turns off zooming completely.
Who knows more about this?

Those are probably the extent of options available. There is one more doubletap setting, but which also didn’t do much.

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This is a good feature request / improvement. It shouldn’t be a too big effort. I think the missing piece is that embedlite doesn’t respect the preference and a toggle to browser settings. This used to be very valid back in the days when multi touch didnt exist. However, nowadays for example when navigating dynamic pages that have let’s say “next” button you every easily trigger double tap to zoom accidentally when tapping “next” button too eagerly.