Disable developer mode and keep toeterm

As everybody knows, enabling the developer mode installs the terminal app, that helps us troubleshooting things in case of problems

Wondering, is there some side effects if i disable the developer mode but keep toeterm installed?

Like it more than the default app but don’t want to keep installed 2 apps that do the same thing

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Presumably it takes remote access and such with it (there is more to it than FingerTerm). Since people have done just that before; presumably devel-su stays around. Why not just try?

And, perhaps more to others, don’t let the sound of developer mode scare you even if it may seem dangerous with today’s walled-garden norm.

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thank you for your kind suggestions, not scared at all of developer mode, using it since day one, it’s just that i don’t want to have 2 apps at the same time doing the same thing and wanted to give toeterm a shot as it seems really pretty

unless i can disable fingerterm on toeterm like i uninstalled gnome-terminal on black box, on my pc…

ToeTerm is “just another application” so you can install it regardless of developer mode. FingerTerm comes and goes with it, that’s all build-in behaviour.

Without developer mode, there’s no devel-su so you lose that. You could have sudo installed and configured instead, but I’m not sure if the user account password too is set and removed with developer mode… You could have it configured to let run some commands without password, I guess…

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AFAIU you posed the question in a way that it presumes a specific answer!

If you want to get rid of fingerterm, because you prefer toeterm, why don’t you simply remove it by
devel-su pkcon remove fingerterm?

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Well i was curious to see if disabling developer mode had some other disadvantages, anyway i guess your answer is the (most) right one, will try, thank you