Directory of app data

Hi everyone,

it seems that the directory for app data (Jolla apps and 3rd party native) have changed at some point as I have problems restoring my backup (two separate but related issues):

  1. I tried to restore an official Jolla backup file and that exits when trying to restore the “notes” files from the jolla notes app. Everything after that folder (especially the contacts and phone calls etc.) is not resored at all.
  2. I tried to manually restore data via this official how-to, but I run into similar problems (tried restoring the data for Jolla-notes). Turns out, the jolla-notes data is stored in §HOME/.local/share/com.jolla/ instead of $HOME/.local/share/. This would also explain, why the restore app does not work here as mentioned under 1)

What I should probably mention here: The backup was made on an XperiaX SFOS 4.3 - that has been updated (not reflashed) since 3.3, so no decryption. Since the update to 4.4 broke my phone, I had to reflash and flashed directly to 4.4. Now the directories seem to have changed (slightly).
I am ok with manually copying the data back, but I need to know where to (especially for contacts and the 3rd party files)

Hope you can help me out here.