Difficulty in closing the keyboard

After installing, i am having difficulties in closing the keyboard. I used to close the keyboard by performing the swipe down gesture on the keyboard. In older versions i start the swipe from the text prediction line and worked well. Now, if i start from the text prediction line I have to perform the gesture deeper. When I perform from the first line of the keyboard it is working as usual. Is anyone else facing similar issue?


Same happens to me. Maybe that is a general problem of the suggestion bar. Hopefully it will be fixed with which will come soon.

Thanks @PeperJohnny So we wait for the release of .21. But I remember reading somewhere that the scrolling issue will be solved in the next release 4.3 only.

The same on my phone. Keyboard stays open on swiping down. SFOS , Xperia 10.

As workaround (or other method):
You know the keyboard also closes down if you just tap outside of it?

Mostly, but not with all apps.

Tested the swiping thing right now and think I got it now… Performing the swipe

  1. quick,
  2. without hesitate,
  3. touch the keyboard in the middle and not on the upper edge → works!

That’s what I mentioned in the post. :smiley: swipe from predictions only is not working.

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Yes, I also have this issue with latest Verla. Hiding keyboard by swiping down does not work.
At first I thought it is a new feature, but maybe not.

So we have to live with this until 4.3 is released?

It looks to be associated with prediction scrolling issue. And I remember reading in some post that it will be resolved in 4.3.

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