Difficulty in closing the keyboard

After installing, i am having difficulties in closing the keyboard. I used to close the keyboard by performing the swipe down gesture on the keyboard. In older versions i start the swipe from the text prediction line and worked well. Now, if i start from the text prediction line I have to perform the gesture deeper. When I perform from the first line of the keyboard it is working as usual. Is anyone else facing similar issue?


Same happens to me. Maybe that is a general problem of the suggestion bar. Hopefully it will be fixed with which will come soon.

Thanks @PeperJohnny So we wait for the release of .21. But I remember reading somewhere that the scrolling issue will be solved in the next release 4.3 only.

The same on my phone. Keyboard stays open on swiping down. SFOS , Xperia 10.

As workaround (or other method):
You know the keyboard also closes down if you just tap outside of it?

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Mostly, but not with all apps.

Tested the swiping thing right now and think I got it now… Performing the swipe

  1. quick,
  2. without hesitate,
  3. touch the keyboard in the middle and not on the upper edge → works!

That’s what I mentioned in the post. :smiley: swipe from predictions only is not working.

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Yes, I also have this issue with latest Verla. Hiding keyboard by swiping down does not work.
At first I thought it is a new feature, but maybe not.

So we have to live with this until 4.3 is released?

It looks to be associated with prediction scrolling issue. And I remember reading in some post that it will be resolved in 4.3.

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as a new user i noticed that too,espacially on Whatsapp.
coming from blackberry where there’s a little icon on the space-bar which allows closing the KB by pressing on it.

i’m having a hard time with closing the Keyboard,i can almost never close it.
i’m not even sure what is the gesture for it.
i was typing in Whatsapp and got a phone call, but couldn’t minimized it and missed the call.
that’s one example.
can i add an arrow or something which instructs the keyboard to close?

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To close the keyboard just tap anywhere on the keyboard, except for the prediction bar and the space bar row, hold and swype down to close it.

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It’s not something like normal behavior so keyboard won’t close that way. I have this on once or twice and once on 4.4. This should be reported as bug if there is more people having this

If i remember correctly in very old SailfishOS versions, the keyboard hat to be closed by swipping down from the top or the suggestion bar. This behavior changed a long time ago in an 2.x or 3.x release. Closing the keyboard from the prediction bar was a hit and miss from then on, but swyping down from any of the letter rows worked. I never had a problem closing the keyboard but it takes some tries to figure out how to do it properly.

Oh, it works. Never new that gesture before, it could be useful, thanks for a tip!

Still don’t know if that will work when keyboard is working incorrectly. I might try it but as I said before, this bug if it is a bug is extremely rare in my case

Thanks for that, it needs a bit of practice,but i got it.