Did anyone have the first sailfish Version for the Sony Xperia xa2 (h4113)?

I am searching for the first Version of sailfish for the Sony Xperia xa2 (h4113) . Did anyone have the File ?

Maybe you’ll find a working swarm at


There was Sailfish_OS-Jolla- around November 2018 and second version of it released in December 2018, where I marked the folder as Sailfish_OS-Jolla- (only difference seems to be flash.sh file). Unfortunately I don’t seem to have saved the original .zip(s) from this era.

i have h3113 v3.1.0.11 and v3.2.0.12, probably doesn’t help

What do you want it for?

Thank you but i have h4113 .

I need it to Test the old Android App Support