Development without VirtualBox?

Is there a way to develop apps without VirtualBox? I’m running Windows on Arm (Surface Pro X), for which is no VirtualBox available.
I could do without an IDE and use Visual Studio Code, but as far as I understand you need VirtualBox to compile projects.
It seems silly that I cannot develop a program for an ARM based device on an ARM device…
Is ther any way to use CLI only (Linux version would be ok as well as I can run WSL).

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I’ve asked similar question ages ago when my laptop died:
TL;DR no freaking way on ARM, obs is an option (but got my laptop fixed in the meantime for 1/4th of the original price but it’s another tale for another day)

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Hopefully this gets some more attention now with Apple moving to ARM, seemingly by the end of the year.

I will be interesting for sure, suddenly much more optimizations will pop up except neon. Still doubtful how well that will go, in terms of cpu octacore cosmo does 2.7k h/s up to 3k vs 9-11k on a 3-4 year laptop (aircrack), lets see but holly shit either they have a new 16core things or this will suck in any comparison

i did try docker for the build engine. that works. but for emulator you still do need VB.
and there was something regarding the need to flatten the containers after an while.

You could always settle on building Python apps which don’t require Jolla’s build system at all. :smile:

Sure, but I wanted to contribute to some existing app written in C++, so Pythone is no option.

Did you actually try it on an ARM machine?

i have tried it on linux on an x86, missed that fact in the question

I’d be happy to keep QtCreator, but ditch VirtualBox for libvirtd

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