Developer mode stopped working

I have a Xperia 10 plus. Developer mode USB IP connection worked flawlessly. I use opensuse tumbleweed on my laptop.
After updates, the jolla says that it started developer mode when I plugin the USB-C. But the laptop does not open a connection. Any tips how I can find out whether it is the fault of the phone or the laptop?
The physical USB - connection works. I see the device with lsusb. It is the IP connection that is not created.

Thank you for your bug report. Please update it using the template. It helps us a lot.

For futur bugs report I invite you to install and use Bugger! :wink:

Have you set your phone to automatically go into developer mode upon connection, or to ask you what to do? I have experienced that setting it to not ask sometimes just doesn’t work properly. Also unplugging and then replugging it in helps me sometimes. On your desktop you can see if it works or not by simply looking into the network connection, for example if you use KDE in the Network-panel in the taskbar. It should list you an additional wired connection

Thanks, same here with KDE. Phone is set to ask every time what to use. I have some suspicion that the culprit is on the KDE side of things. But I have limited time to investigate right now and wanted simply to know if others were experiencing the same issue. What version of KDE do you use? Here is frameworks 5.99 with NetworkManager 1.40.6-1.1

I’m currently running KDE Frameworks 5.100.0, but I don’t think it has something to do with that, because it was the same in versions I previously had

Ok, found the problem. It was the fault of Networkmanager under opensuse tumbleweed 20221206. In fact, the config of Networkmanager just did not take into account the network device connecting the USB. In my case, this was enp0s20f0u9. Networkmanager just did ignore it and did not configure it.
I made a new connection in the networkmanager interface, restricting it to enp0s20f0u9 and set everything to automatic. And Tadaaaa, everything works again.
So this was a problem on the side of the opensuse distribution.

Reported as Bug in Opensuse: