Developer Localization guide

Hi, I 've been looking for ‘current’ dev. docs for producing translations properly.

I know, in principle how to produce and include the localized files but wonder if there’s a guide?

Edit: I have read:

Edit 2: Background:
RPM build errors:

error: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:

I have otherwise as in other projects:


and in the pro file:

CONFIG += sailfishapp_i18n
TRANSLATIONS += translations/harbour-dwd-de_DE.ts

You should add %{_datadir}/%{name}/translations to your .spec (or .yaml) %files section.

ah, ha. Hmmm. I looked at my other spec files which contain translations (Tidings, for instance) and that was absent there, too. I wonder how that works? I hope my last update to Tidings isn’t somehow broken.

Thanks! I’ll test this now.

Update: - ‘%{_datadir}/%{name}/translations’ worked just fine.

I’m still looking for more info to understand the relationship between %{name}.ts and the %{name}-CD.ts files, for instance.

And tidings definitely doesn’t have the files line in yaml or spec. It also doesn’t have the harbour-tidings.ts file. Maybe that’s a reason I was having a problem?

Checked your tidings sources. There you have ‘%{_datadir}/%{name}’ - which includes the translations.

Ah! Thanks! I think I’ll make that explicit for the next revision.