Detected update!

Detected update ! …just now… and now downloading.
Xperia 10 double SIM. So I’m very curious now.

Thank you Jolla!




Phone rebooted twice after the update, but works after the second reboot.

GPS syncs faster now.
3 mail accounts survived, still present and working.
Browser a lot faster (felt)
many other apps tested and all running fine.
In general, everything runs much faster now!

Again, Thank you Jolla!


Is it normal the upgrade requires a billion packages to be uninstalled before upgrading and is it save to ignore this warning?

That’s normal. I had 14 packages in the list last time, and no problems during upgrading. But can’t say there’s no risk.

It looks like this , and I’m a bit afraid…

In my case it was only ofono (patched to fix issues with rejecting calls) and obex-filter. Removed/reverted both, update went smoothly, then reinstalled.

What I don’t get is that most of the packages I’m asked to remove are genuine Jolla packages not altered by chum-updates or something. Why is the updates not going through then? Anyone else having the same problem? I’m on Xperia 10ii/64Bit.

I dared it and it appears to have worked…

Indeed - no problems whatsoever. XA2 and 10 ii both updated smoothly and are working fine.

My XA2+ was in 4.2 and I updated it first in 4.3 and then in This time no troubles, everything works fine! Only one weird thing: when I go from the Sailfish Forum app to the browser, it shows two browser icons plus icons from Qwant and Magic Earth, two Android apps that I have. Also Webcat is mentioned, without an icon, while I skipped Webcat some time ago.

Is this confirmed by anyone else? It could be, I’m not sure myself haha not a drastic change for sure ;-p

There are no such changes, you are imagining things. (or you were overdue a reboot)


I’m back on Android, will wait a bit before jumping back into the ship with this update. Need a bit of SFOS detox :joy:

I had not rebooted the device for weeks, because it always worked fine. So in the future I will simply reboot if the browser gets slow,

Just Updated and no issues with Xperia 10 II. looking forward to 4.4 now :nerd_face:


So this update shouldn’t be skipped before 4.4 is coming?

For me, the only reason to reboot is usually an update. The longer the updates take to be released, the longer the uptime. 98 days at the moment, which translates directly to the EA release date of the 4.3 update…

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Wanted now to update my other phone (also X10), and updater asks me to deinstall gstreamer1.0-libav . Don’t know how to do this… Update now and will report what happens.

edit: at a first glance, it works. No problems. Thank you Jolla!

It is noted to be a stop release in your linked article.