Delta chat - flatpak


in we had a discussion regarding delta chat.

which is pretty neat idea.

i gave it try again after an year it look nice, they have now even a deskop app.
the desktop app is also available as flatpak. so having that running on my xperia without android would be pretty coo.

so what is now needed to get it on xperia 10 as flatpak ?
flatpak support is installed and angelfish does run.

Thanks !

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Based on, it will not run:

  • it is using platform 20.08 which dropped armv7l, only aarch64 is available
  • it is using Electron app base - I presume it is based on Gtk and our QtWayland is too old to run any Gtk apps.

I had missed this Delta Chat. It works even with Xperia X as Android app from F-Droid. It looks so close to Whatsapp, it could be a real competitor. Also native app could be developed because the community seems to be quite open to various approaches. There is no possibility to block some software from server side. Though that all would need somebody to lead a community project.

I also love DeltaChat and a native port would really be great. I would pay for it, in advance.

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