Delete specific call from Recent Calls

I think most people using Recent Calls as fast Phone Book. So, it will be nice, when some unwanted, trashy numbers can be deleted.

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Long-press and remove?

There is option “delete history”. I need to delete specific numbers.

It is history for that number, and indeed a poor wording.

I confirm that this only deletes the log for that specific call

Solved. Thanks guys. It’s translation error.

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Maybe we can get that changed, can you provide more details (language, existing text, preferred text, a screenshot perhaps with numbers blurred if needed).

Of course. It’s written in polish “wyczyść historię kontaktów”. This mean “clear contacts history”. In plural. Should be “contact” not “contacts”. So in polish should be “wyczyść historię kontaktu”.

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I think contacts history is meant as genitive and not plural

@wladi_1981 nice catch! I fixed this so in next release should be ok.


That should be contact history or contact’s (ugly) history.

I am not a native, but in English ‘Clear contact history’ sounds a bit misleading in the first place. If you clear, you’ll still find the contact history in the people tab - if you search for it.
What about a simpler ‘Remove from history’?

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It was wrong in Spanish translation too. It’s already fixed

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Yes, but in polish this looks different. You can’t translate words and phrases 1:1, because some rules in my language were different.

Oh, no, I did not translate… I keep my device in English language and just checked. Then I realized that also in English it was not very clear, so I believe every other misleading translation may come from the original -unclear- English version.

I agree that “Clear Contact History” is super confusing - “remove call from history” or something like this would be a lot more clear