Delete "Phone History"

Is there a way to delete the whole Phone history (Phone->History)?

Well, you could make a back up in the settings, delete contacts from the People app settings’ pulley menu (that is in the Settings - Apps - People) and then import the vcf file from the back up. I don’t know though would the history be reloaded too. Hopefully somebody comes up with a better idea or even better - there would be a pulley menu for resetting the contacts’ histories.
I would not personally try this out without an alredy existing and working contacts back up.

I think you’ll have to use command line…

commhistory-tool deleteall -calls

If you don’t have commhistory-tool installed you can get it (as root) with…

pkcon update
pkcon install libcommhistory-qt5-tools

Probably also need to reboot.



the commhistory-tool deleteall -calls worked very well.
Yes, on my phone, the reboot is necessary.

A button for this feature would be great.

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