Deinstall Android App

Hello guys, just flashed my xperia 10 dual sim with sailfish os (Kvarken). Installed some apps from jolla store and finally downloaded Whatsapp Messenger from Aptoide store and installed it.
But in App grid the ‘NS Whatsapp +’ app is shown, not the original Whatsapp. In Aptoide it looked like the WA Messenger but actually it wasn’t. As i tried to get rid of this crapy software i had to realize that neither Aptoide nor APK store is able to do so. Aptoide shows no option to deinstall and the ‘deinstall’ button in APK store does nothing. I downloaded the WA Messenger form and tried to install but it says “INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE”.
Is there any way to wipe this crap from my phone or do i have to flash again?

Thx for help

Doesn’t long-tapping and selecting the X button work on the launcher screen work? As in, how you uninstall all SFOS apps?

Thank you! Worked perfect! In the past I always deinstalled via app store!