deGoogled OS system

Hello folks,

I am looking for phone without android or OSX.
So far I found these possibilities:

  1. Sailfish
  2. lineage Os
  3. /e/OS (murena phone)
  4. grapheneos
  5. harmony os (huawei phones)

Are there any other relevant options ?
Which one and why will you recommend ?
What are your experience ?

Thanks for answer

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Ubuntu Touch
Divest OS

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You can’t really go for a phone that’s just Android without proprietary Google code (really, for most of them the only difference is that they don’t include Google Play by default, and perhaps they also put an awful skin on the app launcher), because Android is still developed by Google. I find all those ‘degoogled’ Android clones a bit ridiculous, like saying because you hate plastic grass, you’re getting a plastic garden carpet instead. They’re the same thing. The problem is not GApps but Android itself.

As far as true alternatives go, Sailfish is, unfortunately, still the only real contender. Everything else is unusable in daily life.


Postmarketos is worth a try!
And there is a successor to maemo called leste…


I do not fully agree with you. Android, at least AOSP is not bad in his nature. Problem is Google. And in the beginning (long long in the past) also Google publish whole source code. But then Google turned to the dark side and start to be evil, and therefore many parts of the google android start to be secrets.
Anyway, maybe some activities like e.g. /e/OS after degoogling, could make sense.

What degoogling measn for /e/OS:

  • To remove or disable any feature or code that is sending data to Google servers, or at least to anonymize those accesses
  • To offer non-Google default online services, including for search.
  • the Google default search engine is removed and replaced by other services (see below in default apps and services)
  • Google Services are replaced by microG and alternative services (see below for more details)
  • All Google apps are removed and replaced by equivalent Open Source applications. The one exception is the Maps Application
  • No use of Google servers to check connectivity
  • NTP servers are not Google NTP servers anymore
  • DNS default servers are not Google anymore, and their settings can be enforced by the user to a specific server
  • Geolocation is using Mozilla Location Services in addition to GPS
  • CalDAV/CardDAV management and synchronization application (DAVDroid) is fully integrated with the user account and calendar/contact application

(more info here /e/OS product description - a pro-privacy mobile operating system and cloud services)

So the plastic grass could became real grass or at least is some manner, as we all wanted.
And according last Sailfish updates, I have feeling we can now talk about Sailfish as category not unusable in daily life.

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I think it is misleading, if not actively harmful, to list Android distributions in the same list as actual other OSes.

Using plain AOSP, or a slightly hardened version treats the symptoms to an extent - but you are still feeding the duopoly. If google tightens the control on app distribution some more, what will you do then?
All these clones are still beholden to following the general direction of what it means to be Android.

Perhaps they are a bit less silly than all the chrome browser clones popping up left right and center (since there is no standard that will die if there is only one implementation)… but you are still not contributing to having an actual alternative.

So no, no matter how much the clones call themselves “OS” they will only ever be “plastic grass”.


Indeed, the core is still Android. We using Sailfish OS are actively doing a difference. Yep, we still use android apps, most of us, but they are sandboxed apps while the OS itself is pure Linux distro. SFOS has its weakness, but its strenghts too


If Google stopped developed Android tomorrow, would any of the Android spins remain? The answer is no, because none of them are independent from Google. ‘Degoogled’ Android is ever so slightly ‘better’ than ‘normal’ Android, but only if there is truly no alternative.


The last 2,5 years i’ve used Ubuntu touch on a volla phone as my daily driver.

The 6 years before my daily driver was Sailfish on different Jolla and Sony devices.
And maybe it’ll be my next daily driver again.
Both OSses worked well for my needs.

For your list of deGoogled Androids you can consider Volla OS (deGoogled Android) on Volla Phones, too.

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Silly purists trashing other OSes because they aren’t ‘real’ is just childish. Official Sailfish works on only a few older phones that can be difficult to find, officially don’t work in the Americas, and have iffy VoLTE implementation. So until Sailfish or Ubuntu Touch get rock solid telephony in this 5G world then AOSP is a valid option for some of us.
I used Maemo and then Meego and then Sailfish. But had to abandon Sailfish ages ago because I could no longer reliably make phonecalls for work. So e/OS/ is making my life bearable for now.
So help people asking questions instead of being so petty.


I will point you to the forum rules saying to criticize ideas, not people. That’s much more productive.

Discussing and comparing various options of using a phone without google is just fine… but this is the Sailfish OS forum, not the deGoogled forum. And not making clear what is Android or not is still a massive omission in the discussion whatever way you slice it.


Please read the first post. The user is asking for a phone without Android. Every Android spin, whatever it’s called and whether it constantly phones home to Google or not, is still Android and its development is still entirely in Google’s hands.


They may ask for a phone without Android. But they then go on to list some OSes that are indeed Android. So…

I am looking for phone without android or OSX.
So far I found these possibilities:

lineage Os
/e/OS (murena phone)
harmony os (huawei phones)
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No. AOSP is Android is Google is Alphabet. That’s a fact, not me “trashing other OSs”.

And why that’s not a good thing - plese read this:

True alternatives have been pointed out to you: PostmarketOS, SailfishOS, Maemo Leste, Ubuntu Touch. And even those are not completely free of Google/Android/Alphabet and/or proprietary firmware blobs developed with or without thew help of Google/Alphabet (except for PostmarketOS I believe).

I’m not a zealot - use what you want, and LineageOS is probablyOK, too - and it’s not a “0 or 100” kind of thing anyhow - but these are facts.

As a practcal tip I recommend to first settle on an OS, then go out to search for supprted devices to buy.


Another thing to consider about the aosp clones is that android is not only google’s OS, it is the whole ecosystem. Many android apps uses google frameworks, that are fast and easy to use for developers. In the end what is the gain of having degoogled the system if the apps you are probably going to install aren’t. I wouldn’t call myself a purist as stated above, but it seems to me that you can’t really get away from google if you intend to, and use android with its apps at the same time.

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Actually even SFOS is not usable as a daily driver. Even simple car kit is not working at all in many cases.


I’m using a SFOs as daily driver, in my case, I use telegram/signal, e-mail, phone and the browser (I think with an old BBOs, I will had enough! IAHAHAHAHA)

At the moment that you use android, you depend on google, most of the apps use google systems, even with micro-g installed (I’ve got waydroid in my phone) some apps didn’t work, and micro-g is connecting to google at the end, only with protected privacy. From my point of view, currently Android = Google. I don’t know if huawei found a way to avoid it, but I expect no rom with android will be 100% google free. Can be better? Sure, google free… I don’t thing so.

If you don’t wish google at all, you need to stick to Ubuntu, Sailfish or similar Os, and be aware, maybe there is no app for something you need. (For example, vacuum cleaner, your car application or Whatsapp)

Well for many the missing apps is maybe a problem cause they seem to be app addicted. Personally I find the following a showstopper from using the systems as a daily driver:

  • no encryption this is a big issue. SFOS has it finally but it was gone in the past
  • working car kit connection - SFOS doesn’t work properly
  • working browser - SFOS is much better after last big update!

So this is the basics, then we can move on and someone would expect that phone bought in 2020 would support at least something basic like different sounds for different alarms. Or different ringtone for contacts etc. Just the basics that even current dumb phones has. Probably I could get out more functionalities of dumb phones that are still missing in many current AndroidOS alternatives.

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I was not replying to you, I was replying to the thread.

Agree that SFOS, has lot of stuff that any basic phone today can provide.

In my case, the working with the car, is not a big issue, I need the bluetooth, and this in my case works fine (I remember that once I rent a car, it was a BMW and the call didn’t work well) .

For me must haves are:
Quick charge
Convergence (mouse and monitor, if supported)
Mainline kernel :wink:
Proper working touchpad and power mgmt.
Containers, chroot, waydroid, flatpak…