Defender app update (harbour-defender) - my very own ‘Sailfish Devember’

Possibly also a noob question: I installed version 0.6 for the first time on SF 4.4. By default I see no sources at all and I don’t see a file /etc/defender.conf. Do I have to add it manually to get sources or is it a bug?

I have the same problems since the 4.4 version of the OS.
It was running fine on previous versions of the OS.

Defender is simply broken on 4.4. For more info you can check out this thread Block ads on Sailfish 4.4 Both sandboxing and other browser things have changed
New issues have been created too: Issues · peterleinchen/harbour-defender · GitHub
But Peter is not the original developer of Defender, he has been keeping it alive for some time, but if anyone could help with rewriting the Python code, it would be a massive help.