Defender app update (harbour-defender) - my very own ‘Sailfish Devember’

Yes, definitely used your fork directly from the OpenRepos website. I downloaded the RPM and installed it using the File Browser app. After rebooting and entering my PIN, the device just showed the spinning screen and never started the main UI.

That would be strange as this sounds like the original (old/fixed) start issue.

And I would not claim it is working if I would not have tested. On an encrypted X. Updated to

Also I do not see a difference between X and XA2 in this regard.

And also the possible difference in the admin user name (nemo/defaultuser) did not cause the boot loop.

Can someone else please confirm/deny this?

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Hi Peterle. Sadly, regardless of what sources I have enabled, no cookies show up and no ads are blocked. I have added the line you mentioned in Internet.permission. Still no luck. X10 plus.

The crazy thing it is still blocking ads in the browser in 4.0 on my Xperia 10. And you guy say it shouldn’t work without a patch. That’s weird. No I was wrong, the it doesn’t work with the new browser
@apozaf Are you sure you chose correct sources, Steven Black’s were not working for me again, maybe it is simply failing to synchronise them on your device?

Hi Jacek, yes I have tried everything. Disabled StevenB, reinstall app, update, reboots… Maybe the host file has no write permission? At least cookies should show up. Did you update from 3 to 4 with defender installed?

WARNING for all who downloaded v0.4.3 until now (around 20):I had an error in copying a file and this version will definitely bootloop on encrypted devices!So please do NOT reboot, but re-install or uninstall and install defender.Should be fixed now, but cannot test as my test device needs resetting (time!). Sorry.

For experienced:you may use recovery shell and edit sailfish-root::/etc/systemd/system/harbour-defender.pathand have a look at the [Install] section and copy the right command as WantedBy instruction.
Furthermore remove the following: /etc/systemd/system/

Okay, all-clear.
I found some time and did lots of testing.
The version 0.4.3 was only broken until around 0800 UTC. Then I replaced it with a fixed package having the same version number.
Sorry for any inconvenience that mght have occured.


Above has nothing to do with apozaf’s problem.
Or even vansid’s which sounds still strange.
@vansid How did you update, install, in which order? Flashed image version and so on?

About the cookies not showing up:
this is again due to a changed location of browser files (see bookmark problem!) and I wanted to fix this in next release (before I noticed this dumb mistake in above post).

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New version 0.5.1 will be released tomorrow.


  • take care of changes in SFOS4
  • fix reading cookies.sqlite from new file location
  • hack for sailjailed browser not taking changed hosts file into account (nsswitch.conf problem)
  • more secure method at install time to have systemd not bootloop
    [ one scenario could still cause it: if you have defender installed on a non-encrypted device, (you upgrade this and) encrypt it, defender will have old systemd WantedBy references and cause your device to bootloop. Resolution: uninstall before encrypting and reinstall ]

Aaand released …


@peterleinchen My XA2 was flashed to version 3.x, then OTA updated to Koli then .48. After the upgrade, I installed your fork RPM.

I will try your new version when it’s released and post results here.

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Again, this is strange!
I did more or less the same with the X.
Reset to 3.3 (auto encrypted on first boot), then OTA to 3.4 and
Two times, with defender installed and installed only after being on 4.
And no issues.
Which 3 version you start from? >=3.3? Then it would be the same and I do not see any reason why it should bite you.
If it is <=3.2 then it might but I’d say only when upgrading with having defender installed (see changelog).

If you know how to handle recovery console you can get out of this situation (might it not happen again) with see above.

Version 0.5.1 is out of the house since this morning.

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I installed 0.5.1 and it seems to work well on my encrypted XA2 with Koli Ads are blocked on the native browser and I can reboot with no problems.

Thank you for your work on this!

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Hi guys, worked great with fresh 4.0.xx on X10plus (a bit of uninstalling, installing, updating, rebooting…), but did not work on 3.4 X10. So I updated it to 4. Now it does not work, too. Maybe chmod 777 some files?

Sounds like I did a good job? :wink:


Could you elaborate on this?

To me this sounds more like some manual fiddling around?
So please provide some more info what you did, install which version, on which SFOS, in what sequence, which manual file fiddling etc

As I tested all that on a Jolla1/C, XA2 3.2 version (unencrypted), a X 3.3 / 3.4 / 4.0 (encrypted version). Gemini also confirmed.

But without knowing what does not work there is no chance to know if I may have missed some test case…

Oh yes Peterleinchen, I did fiddle a lot :thinking:
My main phone is fiddled is so many ways, I would not know where to start :unamused:
I’d never blame you and will donate some bucks to you :wink: because you definately did a good job. Waiting for X10 II to reinstall from scratch

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Just to signal a small bug in my case: by habbit, I always update all package before upgrading SFOS (in case some criticial bug that poses problems with the upgrade is fixed).

So in my case I had Harbour-defender 0.5.2 installed under SFOS 3.4.0 and only then upgraded to 4.0.1 Koli. The code you run to patch the Internet permissions is done at RPM installation time, so in my case it was already too late (was ran before, under 3.4.0. By the time 4.0.1 got installed there was no reason to retrigger the installation).


  • could you add a quick check that would display a warning box under the GUI so people know to re-run the installation to trigger the edit ?
  • (That’s more for another dev-${MONTH}-er project:) maybe there is a way to provide the resolver of connman with a list of name so that it also serves them directly for any app that bypasses nsswitch/hosts (saddly I am not fluent at all in connman. I tend to use NetworkManager and dnsmasq everywhere).
  • warning to keep in mind for the next SFOS upgrade: as you did modify /etc/sailjail/permissions/Internet.permission, there a slight risk (depending on how jolla did setup their RPMs) that the upgrade doesn’t upgrade it directly, but instead creates Internet.permission.rpmnew counting on the user to overwrite the file. something to whatch out for.

Same as I do. At least for those packages which are available for the current SFOS release.

Yes, that may happen. I did not think about this. Thanks.
But then you did not follow the official Jolla release notes advice to uninstall harbour-defender :smiley:
This small hack was more meant to be a temporary hack until Jolla fixes their sailjail config.
A simple re-install is enough.

Sorry, qml and me are not really friends.
I put an information in the openrepos changelog for now. Should suffice? Else I might think about putting that as a one-liner into each start of defender?

Here I would need some more pointers else I would say ‘no idea’.

Thanks for this reminder. I do have it in mind but I expect Jolla to just overwrite these configs…

Hmmm. No joy here on 3.4 a Vollaphone.

Installed with Storeman from the repos. Selected only:
Yoyos and

Did as instructed here,

disable all non-working sources
pulley and choose update again
close defender
reopen defender
(choose working sources) and update again

which did/does not work. also with restarts between.

I can just push to the phone via ssh if I can just edit the hosts file. So maybe it’s not an issue for me? :slight_smile:

[root@VollaPhone ~]# cat /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost
::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6

Incidently peter, I love your website. :slight_smile: mine is WAY too fancy, at … you can make fun of me as you wish.

So, what exactly is not giving you ‘joy’?
Guess work: the update loop?
Please close defender and do a pkill -f defender and check again.

In latest version there are/should not be any non-working list.
But as said somewhere above a selection of multiple list may take a huge time…

To be honest: it is not ‘my web site’ but one of my beloved / most admired ones :smiley: ,
whereas yours makes sense as well.

I get a lot of joy being easily able to obtain a terminal on my phone via ssh.

[root@VollaPhone ~]# killall defender
defender: no process found

Ok. I’ll start again.

Sorry, use
pkill -f defender

or just to look up PID
ps aux | grep defender

But, once more, what is not working as expected?