Default audio player does not show covers (some of them)

REPRODUCIBILITY: 100% (always)
HARDWARE: Sony Xperia XA2 - h3113 - h3113 - - armv7hl
UI LANGUAGE: Italiano (user: it_IT, os: it_IT.utf8)


The media player is not showing covers from albums despite the cover being embedded or as jpg file


have some music, in various formats and various cover art types


  1. Load some albums into the memory
  2. Open the jolla media player
  3. See part of the cover are not displayed


To show all the covers


Most embedded covers are not shown, especcially ones from flac and ogg files, and will 100% not show in the album list if there is more than an artist on the album

by the way, this is not a regression, it just never worked, from day one…


  • Patchmanager: no
  • OpenRepos: yes
  • Chum: yes
  • Other: none specified


I thought default media player would not display embedded cover art, which in fact are mostly missing, but i have some flac albums that have embedded art and it’s showing. Seems anyway to ignore ogg cover art and flac mostly. I’ll attach an example anyway…

Device Owner User: defaultuser
Home Encryption: enabled

the initial version of this bug report was created using Bugger 0.9.9+git3

This bug is indeed very old! I see this happen for every album in which the songs are from various artists. If every song has exactly the same artists name, cover art works.
Possible reasons and solutions have been discussed here:

I know, but i thought to post it again, to remind it to jolla

Anyway thank you for the link, will have a look

Tried to apply the patch but the player wouldn’t start after

Did you apply the patch succesfully?

No, i didn’t try, i just wanted to link the old discussion about the problem to provide information. Sorry if i led you to a wrong trace!