Deadbeef-Silica doesn´t give title & interpret to Player-Info on Webradio-Streams [solved]

When streaming Internet-Radios the correct title & interpret is showed inside the player and to the Cover but not to the Player-Screen in the System (Lockscreen Info), thats showing always the name of the Initial Playlist-Name/Station:

I doesn´t find Deadbeef-Silica on Github, so i don´t know where to post this and it seems to be specfic to SailfishOS-Build of the App, so the Bugreport to the Main-Project of Deadbeef isn´t helpful.

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Browsing the package manager’s description will surely help you to find the source.

FWIW, I also see this behavior. It surely touches on where deadbeef connects with the SFOS system via MPRIS(2), but I couldn’t say from which side it could be changed.

Deadbeef itself is very configurable; it might be worth looking into the deadbeef-mpris2-plugin plugin (which was pulled in as a dependency) and the config file in ~/.config/deadbeef*

From the DeadBeef Silica | — Community Repository System page itself: Please use kravich / deadbeef-silica / issues — Bitbucket bug tracker to file bug reports and feature requests.

I create a account there but bitbucket doesn’t let me file a bug report. (no permissions)

I’ve noticed this issue too, I think it fails since sfos 4.5. I guess it’s because of mpris plugin used by deadbeef-silica

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Hi @fingus! I rebuilt deadbeef-mpris2-plugin to last version and it seems it works fine. Please, try to install deadbeef-mpris2-plugin v1.14 from openrepos:


It DOES work! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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