Data speed goes slow when using the phone as mobile access point

In the last days the speed of the internet connection went down more and more when using the phone as a mobile access point.

Restart of the phone did help, since I did so it works again at full speed.

Does anybody know what can I do to stop and restart the involved processes without rebooting the phone with power off / power on again?

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In the Jolla Store, there is an application called Sailfish Utilities. The first option is for restarting the network.

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Have installed it, next time such network problems occur I will do as you wrote.

had error: on switching on the hotspot, phone asked for the internet connection (SIM 1 or 2), choosed 1, then came error message, this is not possible. This happend 2 times. But hotspot did still start working good.
in the meantime it works good and at full speed.

I appreciate my suggestion is not an actual fix, but at least it may prevent you having to reboot the device every time wifi gets jammed up.

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Just as an alternative, you may restart the network by pasting this into a terminal

devel-su systemctl restart ofono

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