[Danish users] DRTV app?

Any Danish users here who use the android DRTV app with success? For me, it doesn’t work: After clicking on the app icon, it starts okay, but right after showing a cookie consent notice, the app abruptly minimizes itself. This is
Perhaps others who may not use this app, have encountered an identical issue with other android apps and have a sneaky little fix for it?

Sometimes some Android-Apps need an installed Android-Webbrowser. They route to own website in order to ask for logins and after that the App would work.

I have firefox installed and I have chosen it as the default browser with Mimer. However, I have a suspicion that the settings that are modified with Mimer are not preserved and possibly never activated: If I change the default browser in Mimer and then restart Mimer, it shows the stock sfos browser icon again. Is there somewhere else I could change the default browser setting?