Daily-drive community releases with Waydroid

I have only been using the official versions of the Sailfish OS because I require Android app support and don’t want to carry two devices. However, the issue is that Xperia devices are small and not very fast. Therefore, I am curious about using a community release with Waydroid on a larger and faster device for my everyday use.

  • Is Waydroid stable?
  • Is there a way to receive notifications (for example, the phone vibrating in my pocket)? Perhaps through KDE connect or something similar? And does it always work reliably?
  • Can Android apps be found in the native app drawer?
  • Any other considerations I should be aware of?

Thank you for your time.


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A number of people seem to be using waydroid. But I have no idea, other than that @piggz and @rinigus set up infrastructure, so it’s highly probable that it is usable GitHub - sailfishos-open/waydroid: Waydroid packaging for Sailfish OS

The kde connect client seems to work well from reports on the forum. GitHub - sailfishos-open/waydroid: Waydroid packaging for Sailfish OS

But I’m the wrong person to answer these questions since I use neither.

I never used Waydroid nor Android App Support on a regular basis.
But I always have set them, incl. Microg, ‘just in case’, and by interrest.
This on XA2 (AAS) and Gigaset GS5 (WD).

Waydroid was ok and nice in the sense that it feels like a second phone in the phone: all apps are grouped in the same window which looks turning your phone into an Android one, with settings and all.

The only disadvantages that I found were:

  • No GPS access from Waydroid
  • No copy/paste between WD and SFOS

Another point which was, for me, nice in a context where I never know for sure what app is leaking what data:

  • No contacts, no media, no pictures access from WD.

So, all in all, I preffered WD over AAS. This with no experience on the stability side of the question as my usage was always punctual.

In my view AppSupport is much more useful, Jolla implemented copy and paste, sharing between apps much convenient.
Simply better :wink:
and I’ve used Ubuntu Touch and Droidian