Czech translations - update of old ones

I am wondering, if there is any possibility that someone checks suggestions in Czech translations. There are a few mistakes and typos and it would be nice to fix them.

@kerry is now the coordinaor

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Hi. I may review it. I am working on translations few hours in week, so I am progressing slowly. I am focusing mainly for untranslated terms, but if you find some serious bugs or typos, link them please. I will confirm them asap. There is no deadline for next release yet, right?

@susenerajce thank you for your work!

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Hi Karry,

I didn’t want to be disrespectful by any means. I am grateful for all the hard work you have done. I just wanted to know if it is meaningful to suggest new translations for old ones.

I believe that deadline was not announced yet, so no need to hurry.

The deadline has just been pushed back :slight_smile: [localisation] Translation round 2

Could someone tell where I can find “Šifrované uživatelské data”? I want to correct this string, but I can’t find it. It appears when setting up the phone. Thanks

Well, I cannot find it either. But when you search just “uživatelské data” there is multiple phrases. These should be updated too. It is just… incorrect :smiley:

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It is here and has already been corrected :slight_smile: (see “Show timeline”)


Thank you, I reset the device after installation and I saw this mistake. I was worried I missed it before, but reset actually installed 3.4 back, uff :slight_smile:

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