Customize/add labels in contacts

I am sorry if someone considers my question silly as I am newbie in SFOS.
In the “People” application, how to add a phone label or change the name of an existing one.
Actually I can only choose between : “phone, assistant ,fax, pager, video and cell phone” in the first list and between : “none, personal, work and other” in the the second list.
Thank you very much

That is currently not supported and adding such a possibility would require a relatively large amount of code changes.

Btw, these labels come from the vcf standard, and while that allows to define custom ones in .vcf files, it is unlikely many apps or sync protocols would support/understand such custom types.

Which kinds of labels are you missing?
Can they possibly substituted by using one of the other metadata fields?

Thank you very much @nephros for your reply.
In fact, I have several needs.
One of them is about contacts with a large number of phone numbers, as they travel and they have a number per country.
On android, i used to add a label with the country name.

I understand that adding this feature, if it wasn’t planed since the creation of the code, would be complicated.

Is there anyway that I can adjust the code and add the new labels directly in the application, compile a customized version of the “people app” for myself?

Thank you again

The People app itself is closed source, however it is not the only piece of software involved.

There are various components such as buteo-sync-plugin-carddav, contactsd, qtcontacts-sqlite-qt5 the contacts database and probably some more. Most of those are on github, but documentation on how they work together is sparse.

One starting point would be the excellent write-up about Buteo in the Community News here:

Indeed, it seems a complicated mission, I didn’t know that this app is a closed source.
Do you think I can find an open-source app to replace it?

I know of none.

The good news is that a large part of it is QML, which means you can probably hack it to display your customizations anyway.

Maybe to display the actual labels with different names, but I don’t think that I can add new labels.