Customization anywhere

Hello everyone,

I want more, especially more customizable ui experience. I still own a jp1 with sf 1.1, i do not use it because its battery has gotten worse and I need at least 2 days but still its ui was best I ever experienced. I remember more people than me wanting back j1 ui. I do not want all back but here is my suggestion:

Give us huge amount of customizability such as
swipe gesture: I personally would prefer a bottom menu instead of a topmenu. therefore I would get back jp1 classic close (and most wanted lock) gesture.
why is swipe from left tied to be eventsview? maybe lefthanders would like to change?
i do not need appgrid in any appkication.
then size of items: do you really think 4 items is the right thing? even with my jp1 and its comparable small screen i used 5 items in app grid because it matches much better to my eyes . also the items in that top menu are way too big. i used topmenu control patch to get it smaller . 6 items were just perfectly matching for me.
ux in my eyes also is strong related to eye compatibility . when things are too big i can not watch on it.
also the use of buttons is a pain, especially now in e mail. most ugly thing i ever saw. but even on my home view i perfectlyr sf1 gesture based way of using the e.g. play button on my player because i don’t have to watch on my phone.

i know my English is bad and i know there are patches for many of my purpises but that should not be the way to go. if its not perfect its not finished i read somewhere here. so please let us get much more customizable ui.