Custom timeouts for automatic device lock (or at least more options)

The “automatic lock” functionality is very useful however currently you can only choose between disabled, instant and timeouts with 5 minutes or longer.

For me this feature really only makes sense in one situation: you have your phone open to view some website/data and also work on something else (for example following a recipe). From time to time you miss the moment where the screen turns off and locks the device. Usually you notice this within 5-30 seconds. In that moment you want to be able to quickly reopen whatever you are viewing without the need to enter the pin code.

The current shortest setting of 5 minutes is way to long for this use case and (at least I) usually don’t want my phone to be unlocked for 5 minutes or longer.

My Request is to either allow custom timeout settings (like the timer dialog in the clock app) or more options in the current combo box to allow shorter durations like 5, 10, 30 & 60 seconds