Custom display sleep timeout - new feature request

Sailfish X, Sony Xperia 10 ii. Support has suggested that I create a new topic. I would like a custom display sleep timeout feature added. I use streaming playlists (Deezer) as backing tracks to play along to when I practice music. I usually practice in 30 or 60 minute intervals. Unfortunately, the maximum display sleep timeout interval is currently 10 minutes. It is very irritating having to constantly be on guard so my phone doesn’t go to sleep, rather than concentrating on the music, as I switch between playlists on occasion…

don’t know if it still works:

  1. Install mce-tools
    sudo pkcon install mce-tools
  2. For display always on, type in terminal:
    mcetool --set-demo-mode=on
  3. For default settings, type in terminal:
    mcetool --set-demo-mode=off

If you do not like to enter commands every time, you can install this application qCommand | — Community Repository System, which include preset mcetool to toggle display always on.


One relatively simple way with out of the box gui support would be to select Settings → Display → Keep display on while charging, and then connect your phone to a charger / power bank during practice sessions.

If you do not mind using command line, you can use custom dimming delay, e.g. one hour:

mcetool --set-dim-timeout=3600

And in case you do not need to keep display fully lit up: mcetool --set-demo-mode=dim keeps display powered on, but allows it to be dimmed (saves power if you mostly need only sound output).

Do I still need to enable developer mode to get a terminal? It has been a number of years since I last used Sailfish.

Available, but doesn’t work for me on Sony Xperia 10 ii with latest Sailfish X.

defaultuser is not in the sudoers file…
sudo visudo comes up as “unknown mode:doofus”

Instead of sudo, you can use devel-su:
devel-su pkcon install mce-tools

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Personally I use Slumber for this, even though it is not meant for this application.

Demo-mode would be a lot better, but it does not seem to work on my Xperia 10 II.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with SFOS 4.2 Verla, the current version that I am using, due to a shift to using busybox. I am aware of the work around, but not of the consequences, so it isn’t an option for me at this point.

Unfortunately, it seems to be self defeating, as I want to keep the screen on while practicing with media playing, not pausing media playing…

On the other hand, demo-mode appears to work for me as long as I keep the terminal open. Also using a Sony Xperia 10 ii…

Just checked and the docs are still there:

So I would guess it ‘should’ work. Looking at the app I ask myself if it needs to be jailed properly?

Interesting idea. Can anyone check this? I am just a user, not a developer, so I wouldn’t know where to begin…

I’m going to ask around and see if anyone has an idea. In principle it’s a meta change (just a declaration of the rights for the app) in the deployment of the app, if I’m correct.

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Ok, reading through that again it doesn’t seem like this should be an issue.

Similar feature request:

If sleep is interrupted within 10 mins, extend sleep threshold for 5 mins (with notification). Reset after 2 hours.

The point of this is that few people will adjust the timeout for the situation and sometimes the timeout is a little too low. Automatically increasing the timeout takes care of the problem.
Sleep can still be triggered manually if low on battery.

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I like. Does mce-tools exist in the Android world (for example Termux)? I have the same problem on an Android phone.