Custom 3D printed phone case for Xperia 10 III

Hello there, Sailors!

Just wanted to show you my 3D printed phone case.


That looks pretty sick, not gonna lie. I’d probably -cough- Remix/Fork to make it a bit thicker though, But it looks darn nice

Which material did you use?

Fid you design it yourself? Nice print indeed.

Very nice.

I wonder if it would be possible to make a case which emulates the original J1/Tablet design (i.e. the ‘unlike’ edges)…

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PLA, but I want to buy some flexible material and print it again.

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Partially, it’s a remix of a case on Thingiverse.

I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be possible.

Do you share your .stl-file on or here, perhaps?

Not a STL, I was too lazy so I did it entirely in the slicer.

Anyway, here is the 3MF file for PrusaSlicer: Proton Drive

Note that it’s kinda non-standard, it forces a printer with single extruder to print with two virtual extruders by changing the filament in the middle of print. I wouldn’t say it’s a beginner friendly file, but you can edit it however you want.

You can use it under the license CC BY 4.0 (basically do whatever you want but you must attribute me as the original author).

The model this is based on is Sony Xperia 10 iii case by bunjii - Thingiverse.

Note that the file this is based upon has a different license, so you can’t use either model commercially legally (I wouldn’t care about my changes, but the original author might).

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Thanks for sharing, I could open it with curaslicer. perhaps I’ll try it with TPU.

Yep, TPU is on my todo list as well, while with PLA it looks nice it’s not the best material for a phone case.

So you can put a Qi wireless charging plate from aliexpress into to it.

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Do you have a reference? At least measurements?
Cause by me, a double sided tape sort of thing, but with an optional connection or pass-through would be great.
I might just make something in openScad (Only cad software I know right now)

There are lots of them like this one, I have not tried one.
They claim to be 1mm thick.