Current state of Patchmanager on 4.4

Those who already upgraded to 4.4, can you guys please tell if Patchmanager is working OK? I’ve seen conflicting reports - some said that it doesn’t work at all, others reported some lib preload errors, etc.

Potential problems with Patchmanager is the last single reason holding me from upgrading to 4.4 now. So I’d be really grateful for your confirmation whether it works OK. Thank you!

I have 4.4 running on a XA2 Plus Dual SIM, Patchmanager 3.2.2 is working fine for me (Installed Patches: Disable Audio Volume Warning, No Home Carousel, Custom SIM Names, Force Cover Size, Blackberry like Keyboard Adjustments)

Patchmanager was initially removed by the upgrade, but I could reinstall it without problems form the Chum Repository after setting the Repository Overwrite to in the Chum Gui Settings.


Does force cover size work for you in combination with no home carousel? I tried this several times without success.

No home carousel and force cover size work just fine for me on 4.4.0


Thank you guys! So I assume that it works on 4.4 without any problems.

Works on my X10 / . Patchmanager version is 3.2.2 . Installed patches are Disable audio volume warning and Hide tutorial icon.

Reboot of GUI by Hilfsprogramme is necessary after installation to make it work.

OK, so one more question: what’s preferable - uninstall it prior to OS update and then reinstall, or just leave it? I’ve got several packages listed to uninstall by the OS update, but it doesn’t include Patchmanager…

When installing take care to install from chum, and especially not openrepos-coderus which has an outdated version.

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uninstall prior to update is surely better. so i also did.

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OK, so I am removing it prior to OS update and then reinstalling it from chum, 3.x version. Thank you guys!