Current special licence price of 34.90 - until when?

Hi guys,

How long the current Sailfish X special licence price of 34.90 is going to be valid?

I am currently looking for a pristine XA2 for my wife, and for that special campaign price I’d be willing to buy a licence for it so that she can use some Android apps. But first I’d like to make sure that I have the device, test it thoroughly to eliminate all possible technical issues, and only then assign it to a licence.

Can I buy the licence now without having the phone yet, and only then - let’s say in a few weeks - apply it to a specific device’s IMEI that I buy in the meantime?

Still, it would be great to know how long that campaign price is going to last.

Thank you!

Yes, you definitely can.


So, no one knows how long this special price will be offered?

Well, they’ve already reverted the price to normal. Which is a pity, because I wanted to actually get two licences at that price. Maybe they’ll give more time and better information on 11th anniversary then.