"Creating account" is not great terminology

…as a message for adding an account is not really user-friendly.
Sure at some level it is creating a local representation of being logged in to the account - but it most definitely isn’t creating the account itself. Simply “logging in” would also work.


Well it’s creating a thing which is called an account on the device.
The thing is listed in Settings under “Accounts”.

But I can also create login-less things like Web Calendar subscriptions so “creating login” is not great.

I guess something like a “Data Source” or so would be better - then again with Nextcloud you can also upload stuff, so it’s not only a Data Source but also a Data Sink. And of course nobody uses these terms like this.


So yeah, if anything, “Add account” would be best.
The good news is that one could in theory change all that on translate.jolla.com in the next translation round.

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On Ubuntu/Gnome, in parameters, there is a “Online Accounts” entry with “Add account” in it.

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“Adding account” would be fine.
I have no problem with account as terminology here.

Log-in as a noun should be avoided whenever possible since it is imprecise and redundant, and the problem with creating is similar there (at least for some meanings of the noun).

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