Creating a demo device

I am often approached by friends with question like “what is this Android skin you are using?” And it takes a lot of explaining. Since many of them are quite technical, I came to an idea that I would buy a second hand phone and flash SFOS onto it, so I could hand them a demo device like “Here’s a phone, play with it and return me next week”.

Now, with the free, downloadable version there is no store and thus no apps. Which leaves me with a need to buy a license, which is fine. But that means I would need to setup my account on the other phone, too. Can I just login installed whatever I believe, is useful for a Polish user, and just logout leaving the stuff behind?

The SFOS Xperia is my primary device, so I would not like my account getting compromised.Preformatted text

Surely that’s incorrect. There are however no Android apps.
Why not just use an entirely separate account?

I stand corrected then. Regarding another account, yeah, I know, I sort of developed “yet another account” fatigue. Since I plan to reflash it after each user, I would like it to be as hassle free for me as possible. And for that matter safe for casual users.

Don’t you have a password manager? Having another account isn’t as big of a deal when using one, at least to me.
I’d simply create an account with an easy password, since the device will be reflashed anyway (hacking risk doesn’t really matter).

Phone to borrow is a cool idea.
Doing another account also seems the simplest to me.
But instead of reflashing and re-installing apps each time, which will probably create a fatigue too, you could rather copy the entire system and home partitions with apps installed and just restore them for each new person.
Much faster.
Just ask if you need the details.

You could also create a new user for every test user and keep the device owner for yourself in settings - users

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I expect my friends who I am going to borrow the device, to be quite exploratory :upside_down_face:, thus I planned to flash it after each return since the very idea.


Additionnal users is a good idea but there is sometimes a big caveat vith secondary users: user data is sometimes completely deleted and account reset.
This happens when changing from defaultuser to secondary user.
This would probably convince the friends in the wrong direction :innocent: -


That’s actually how I do it all the time.
I always create a separate Jolla account when buying a new license so I can give it away together with my old device when I switch to a shiny new phone.

Means It’s worth checking this forum soon after Jolla releases support a new phone for a free Xperia of the previous generation. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This would be easy, if Jolla still used Btrfs, which has snapshots… Your friends exploring that deep is unlikely :laughing: