Created an account and get now a wrong email address shown

Dear Forum-Maintainers,

The email address shown to me in my account details is wrong and I cannot change it myself.
If you could change it from frank.siebert@… into frank-siebert@…, then this would really be good.

As the . is direct next to the - on my keyboard, it was probably a simple typo from my side. I’m very sorry.

Best regards,

settings, accoints, click on the mail account, then you can edit the ahown mail, or go then to server setrings using pulley. should be possible to change this or ?

The email address comes from your Jolla account. It can be changed via You need to log out from the forum and log in again before the changes are propagated to the forum.

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This worked, thank you very much.

So somehow the sign-up in this forum got matched with the jolla account, and the email-address of my jolla account got changed during that process. That is very very strange, because the email address would be the natural match criteria.

Well, that is not my problem. From my point of view the most important problem, another Frank Siebert getting emails intended for me, is solved.

I rather think that the Jolla account name = nickname in the forum is the main match criteria. Later, on first entering Jolla account credentials into a fresh flashed phone, the Jolla account username will be linked to the IMEI number of the phone forever.

All the rest you can change whenever you want, but not the two things mentioned above.