Create a release and build your app for SFOS on github in few minutes

Hi Sailors whom develop app or SFOS,

I forked this github project recently, I further developed it and then I am started to use it with great satisfaction:

The original project is from @coderus - thanks to his effort - we are able to set a release and automatically a Github action starts a container which runs a SFOS SDK and build our apps in few minutes for all the hardware platforms supported: ARM64, ARMv7 and AMD86.

Useful cases

Three useful cases are listed here here below:

Also build on tags can be run on-demand by user for test purposes but it also run when triggered by a tag set on the HEAD of the default branch. Therefore the last example includes and extend the functionality of the first one. About the build on pull , same story but triggered by a pull instead.


Surf in the Code page of your Github project and then click on the Action button on the top menu. Click on the blue link set up a workflow yourself , change the filename main.yml in one more significative and the copy and paste into the content of one of the above examples and commit the changes.

To test your new action script, click on the Action button, select on the right list the script name you want to test and then on the left side click on Run workflow . In few seconds the workflow will start and in few minutes you will can download the results of the builing from the build script summary.


@robang74 please stop creating meaningless PRs and writing offensive comments!

If you want to contribute - please learn how to do it without being such a teacher. Seems you have tons of free time for forking tens of repositories for fixing less important things. Try to spend it for creating something really usable.


I report here what I replied to you on Github about changing the examples pointing at my repo:

coderus wrote on github

hello, please change robang74/github-sfos-apps-build to this repo in your examples


yes so please do not create PR that require extra work to replace your links with mine. in general creating master → master PR is BAD practice. if you want to contribute to my repo, then please create branch with changes specific for my repo

and I replied on github

@CODeRUS please note that replacing the links into the examples files is something that YOU raised as a request to me but. there is no any problem to integrate such example AS-IS. Therefore, giving you a eye-by-eye answer like yours above: please do not ask me to do extra work for you but accept the PR or close it, as suggested.

It is also a kind of lesson for the real-life: do not expect and do not even ask that others people underlay your {rules, ethics, values, PoVs, etc.} but keep the best from then and leave behind the rest. I came to you with a gift (my PoV), if you do not like it (your PoV) feel free to refuse it but do not bother me with YOUR problems whatever they are.

That’s all, R-


Obviously the examples on my fork are pointing to my fork and there is nothing BAD in integrating them in another repository and immediately after modifying them to point to the PR-target repository.

In fact, there are 8 forks included mine of the original repository. It does not make sense that I do 7 branches for each of them plus the effort of checking every other fork in the future.

Everyone is free to get the PR (pull request = request for integrating changes) and deal with it as they wish. After all, it is open-source not proprietary software and everyone has the right to change it without even the need to ask me.

I am not teaching, I am underlining the obvious. An the obvious is that @coderus could have saved some of his and my time going for the most practical way: reject the PR or accept it and makes the changes he wishes to do to.

Extending to the community this attitude for polemic & politics instead of developing & fixing stuff, clearly explain why it took ages to have a decent hardware support and a functional product. After such a long time, when the product is finally working in full, it is appallingly obsolete and every related business strive to survive.

Does my request to change worth to be integrated?

Well, this is the current state of the coderus documentation project:

uses: coderus/github-sfos-build@master
      release: <release>
      arch: <arch>

It took me about half day to make it work properly for my specific need.

A half of a day because I never did something like that before but I am quit a skillful IT expert and some others less confident with github can spend much more time wondering how to create their own actions in their projects. Actions that save a lot of time to apps developers and create a standard to deliver the RPMs.

As you can read in post #1 in this thread, my fork explains them how to immediately deploy such actions with a step-by-step mini-guide by leveraging examples and their copy & past skills, only.

The @coderous git repository reports its first commit on Sep 19, 2020. It took near 3 years before someone wrote a step-by-step mini-guide for deployment and creates few useful example to copy & paste.

Three years in which many apps developers wasted their time that such github actions could have saved to them, for every release they did in the past three years.

Time wasted because just essential documentation: N devs x M apps x W releases

Everything considered, @coderous did a very good technical job with a little of documentation and not a bit of marketing about it - yes - it is called marketing when someone tell others that s/he did a great job which can be very useful for them.

That’s all, again R-

Post Scriptum

Yes, I am teaching people - the correct term is training people - since 30 years ago about how to overcome their struggles with IT systems, not only about IT system, in fact.

Some of them made their fortune because of this. Instead, some others still lying in a pool of hate because I pointed out to them their mistakes and they did not accepted the suggestions because it was too easy to follow and made them felling stupid to not having thought by themselves about it before.

Unfortunately, learning is about feeling stupid 1 minute and do a better work for the rest of the life. No, there is no reason that other people know about your 1-minute blue feeling - just let it go - but if you cannot let it go then here we are all together like an alcoholics anonymous group speaking about your blue feelings about learning.

Yes, I supported also such kind of people for a small part of my life… :innocent:

after 30 years you should know how PRs work and why.


Yes, I did and I am teaching you. In fact, as you wrote.

But in particular the role of the documentation in stepping down the learning and adoption curves.

Which is much more important but you completely missed it despite your good technical contribution.

Do not worry, here I am to fulfill this community lack of practical wisdom. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Such an attitude. Nuff said.


At the end of the day, your project is still as little as documented as possible and your complete example link brings to a commit diff pages:

Instead of linking the folder with the files:

This means that the copy & paste does not work for your adopters.

Moreover, even if you change that link as suggested, those action files must changed to fit the needs of many others while the three examples that I developed

are immediately deployable vy many in near zero time and zero effort.

What kind of difference in attitude towards others! :blush:

I think he is a Chat GPT bot, otherwise I cannot imagine someone having so much time to write so many comments / Threads.


I think he’s retired, bored, and has decided to start doing everyone forceful favours without regard to whether they want it or not :smiley:


…and write code, and deliver documentation, and repair laptop for friends and family like not with on 2 laptops at the same time, and working with 3 smartphones all of them with a different experimental OS under configuration/development, and preparing a refactoring plan for SFOS.

If you experienced 1-minute of blue feeling in having a confrontation on-line with me, you might have a serious attitude to get crazy seeing me in real-life with your own eyeball working at home. Eeven my family members did not get used to it.

My working pals instead are annoyed by the fact that usually I spend 80% (or more) of my working time looking at the ceil and listen music, apparently doing nothing but thinking.

Beside, this I was used also to have a very interesting life especially on the summer nights but I was younger much more physically attractive and the hairless monkeys living on this planet were much more open-minded also in Italy.

In fact, 20 years ago rarely you would be fined or arrested because camping on the beach, have sex in the public street at midnight and driving around completely drunken with 2x people in the car than the law admits because the girls join the group after the discotheque exit. Now, it is a f* bigot country polluting by moralists and also around the EU is not much more better.

My feedback about this planet and its management will be quite harsh when I will be sucked back at home by the mother spaceship hidden under the vest of the Halley Comet. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Even this story about AI sucked me the soul out because it is extremely boring and too much rational despite being unlikely for anyone like me that knows how the LLM works because I messing up with this kind of technology since 1996 with the perceptrons networks in physics. At least the suspect that I am not human but a visiting alien, was more fascinating and remember me the Visitor TV serie. You suck boring even when you wish to suck hard… :rofl:

Yep…he is a Chat GPT bot…Marco is that you?

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Do you really have solutions for that?

In my mind yes. Have not implemented yet but preparing which is 50% of the work. The rest of the work is a mere implementation. Obviously, nobody will believe that a single man could have done that until it will be done. This is the reason because usually I tend to shadow myself under a plurals nominative like “Linux Team” or “Madagascar penguins”. You see the icon? That’s it! :blush:

P.S.: do not try to help me, you will slow down my effort… :rofl:

P:P.S: BTW, the code name of the project is RedFish OS.

Nice. Can we make feature requests already? (about the most urgent things we’d like to see fixed/improved)

Oh, you are working with Richard Guerci?

Who is? Startpage did give me a suitable answer.

Ah ok, this RedfishOS by Richard Guerci

Nice suggestion. It can be, considering the technology and the experience of that guy.