Create a new topic: Can not add "optional tags" to it

I have a problem with the forum by creating a new topic. If I type a new tag into the “Optional tags”-field i get the answer “now matches found”. No matter which term I enter. If I click on the field “optional tags” i get inappropriate suggestions. Translation-round and meeting For example by creating this topic.

Does creation of new topic work if you leave this field empty? This should work…

At first it is the same for me. But if Ifirst choose a categorie “Bug reports” or something else, more Tags are available.

Yes it works.

If I create an new topic in “Bug Reports” other Tags are available. The same are in the “Application” categorie. See my screenshot:


Why I cannot add own tags?

That’s because we wanted to avoid the tag mess which we had in TJC.

When we only allow certain pre-defined set of tags, the tags are more meaningful. When we want to search for all bugs about Xperia X, we can do it by searching for tag ‘xperia-x’. We can be sure there are no posts tagged with ‘xperiax’ or just ‘x’, or something else.


I understand. It takes a little getting used to because this forum is the only one I know that approaches it this way.

Then I think it would make sense to hide the suggestions from the search box until the user starts typing. If when tapping the search box is yes a suggestion “Xperia-xa2”. But that could also be misunderstood that I can not select another.