Cover action list limitation

Note: While it is possible to have two cover actions on a cover, it is recommended to follow the style of the majority of Sailfish platform apps and only show one cover action.

Quoting this note from silica reference api documentation, i see there is a limitation to 2 cover actions. When Sailfish OS was introduced, we got options to swipe the cover actions either to left or right. So, I understand the limitations on the number of cover actions. Now, that we have tap instead of swipe ( :sob:) why is the limitation still there?


What would be the practical use of more than 2? Especially when you have more than 4 apps the covers are really small (which is why there is recommendation for 1 action only)

I would actually like the old swipe action, but I guess it conflicts too much with the rest of the view

I would be contempt with 2 actions if old swipe action was brought back. Since it is unlikely to happen at the moment, 3 actions will be useful in some of the apps like in Music Player, an extra action for previous song will be really useful. Similar action list (3 actions) is already implemented in To-Do List app.

The purpose of a swipe/gesture-based interface is not to look cool, it is to allow imprecise interaction.
(Or rather not require needlessly precise interactions…) And you are asking for more finicky buttons?

For the particular use case of music players, you at least have lock screen controls that already have a back button.

I agree with your term “imprecise interaction”. But at this point of time, the swipe gesture on the cover action is gone. So, my question was based on that fact.