Could Twitter integration show only notifications and not all new Tweets?

Sailfish Twitter implementation is working great however I don’t need new Tweets in my events view, because I can use an app to browse them (like awesome Piepmatz). However there is no other reliable native way to get Twitter notifications, so if it could provide only them and not all tweets then it would greatly complement Piepmatz or other Twitter apps.

BTW, although we have many awesome native apps for social media, like Piepmatz for Twitter, Sailbook for Facebook and Quickddit for Reddit, the notification implementation in all of them is just not working well. Why native app have such problems with notifications?


Piepmatz provides notifications, but of course it has to already be running. They seem to work fine for me, which issues are you experiencing with them?

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It has to be running and I often forget to keep it open. Often even though it is open it won’t update so until I go into the app and update manually. And notifications for Twitter messages never worked for me automatically, they only appeared if I did a manual refresh.
I don’t hold it against Piepmatz, but I wish there is a way to make Twitter account integration which works well and is reliable more useful.