Copying Text Out Of Documents App

Somebody sent me an email today with a Microsoft Word (.docx) document attached. I needed to copy just some of the text (the rest was confidential) out of the document to send on to somebody else via email.

However, although the word document opened and displayed correctly in the Documents app I could find no way of selecting and copying any text from it to the clipboard.

Am I missing something here, or is this simply not possible on Sailfish 4.1?

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Seems that you can only do that in PDFs. :confused:

In SFOS 4.2 the office-to-PDF converter (calligraconverter) is coming, but hardly a convenient thing as it has no GUI. I should probably make one.

Well, I guess I could raise a feature request - but I suspect it would be at the very bottom of a very long list, so probably not worth bothering. I actually did what I needed to on my iPhone in the end, but I thought I’d ask just in case I was missing something.

I’ve never had cause to use the documents app before, so I had assumed it was something similar to the ubiquitous ‘Documents To Go’, but it seems it is a very simple viewer app only with no editing or creation features. My mistaken assumption I guess.

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