Copy text from input field in browser


I’m currently setting up a VPN and want to copy a couple of long strings from browser to paste them into the VPN set up screen. Copying content from webpage content seems to work fine with the expected long press but this doesn’t work inside an input field (eg username or password). Is this expected behaviour or am I missing something?


Are you using native or Android apps? Sometimes I experience this kind of problem with Android apps

I’m just using the native browser.

This has not been working since 2013.

Oh! Thanks for letting me know, peterleinchen. Is it a known bug or just not-yet-implemented functionality, do you know?

Decide on your own, e.g.

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:slight_smile: I see. Thanks for the link

Copying text from a password field is nit allowed in most/any browsers though iirc.

Yes, absolutely.
But we are not speaking about secrets here but normal text from normal input fields.

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No indeed, Nephros. The password input field was a poor example :slight_smile:

Moved to “Feature request” (wanted to move to bug reports but refrained).

Uh, apparently yes, I am experiencing this also in the native browser, thanks for letting me know, peterleinchen :wink:

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