Copy image to clipboard

I am seriously perplexed. I thought this must be a bug but it appears this is something I have to request. The thought that copying and pasting of an image is not a basic function of this operating system astounds me.
So here I am on my iPhone 12 mini copying and pasting images to every other seamlessly working app.
I applaud your attempt to get away from apple and google but really this is fundamental to my use of a phone


Well, in the meantime the workaround (the way it’s always worked) is to just download the image (or ‘save’ or whatever it’s called) and then open it in, upload it or attach it with whichever application you want to use it in. Being able to directly copy the image elsewhere like you can on a desktop computer does sound very useful, though!

Does Android have this?

I support having this function but I mostly need it in proprietary messenger apps that I run on Alien Dalvik.