Copy and paste images to Notes app

Hi there. This may sound a bit basic but how do you copy and paste an image onto a note

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If you asking about Note app, it’s impossible.

Wtf? That’s ridiculous.but thanks for your reply. I thought I was being stupid.

Erm, a note is a note (plain text) and not a word/rtf/docx/odt…

Any phone I have owned has had this ( copy and paste of an image) most basic of functions.
Thank you for your input but copy and paste of an image is fundamental to my use of my phone.
Am I missing something?

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I think you are confusing stuff like OneNote with the Jolla Notes app which is basically just “Notepad” for SFOS so purely text.

(I was going to also mention gedit/kate but they are infinitely more powerful than notepad or Jolla Notes even if they are only text)

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@iand Don’t you mean copying a picture to clipboard and pasting it into an appropriate app? Like copying a picture from a,website and pasting it to Word. In Notepad, you wouldn’t get any result but in Word the copied picture will be pasted :slight_smile:

I use Carnet from f-droid. Does a great job, with shared accounts between pc & phone.

I just experimented with creating app in which I put url with image and the app convert it into base64 and save it to database :slight_smile: And then list with images loaded from the database. It works :slight_smile: Pure QML+Javascript. I almost spended more time of record video to show the app than programming itself :grinning:. Video:

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