(contacts) save contacts as vcf

Hello, i know the contact app is able to import vcf as contacts but would be nice to have the other way round so i can copy the created vcf file to the computer, as a backup

I know there is bluetooth sharing but still, a “export as vcf file” function would be nicer :slight_smile:

in particular “export all contacs as vcf”

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If you don’t mind CLI, take it from the backup:
tar tf sailfish_backup_2024-01-22T13-03-26Z.tar|grep vcf

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You can do the default Jolla backup and then unpack the backup file. There is the all.vcf.


Or: devel-su -p vcardconverter --export contacts.vcf


There are many other types of sharing that does that too. Saving it on the phone, only so you can have the issue of transferring it out seems a bit unnecessary.

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Select all contacts => share => email to yourself

result: one big vcf with all your contacts.


I lost a few contacts this way. I think those that had a photo on them or something but i havent tested in a long time.

Anyway exporting contact -among other things- isn’t as easy as it should have been IMO.

IMHO: involving an unnecessary system (email) in a process is no good design (as long as it is not optional)

it’s not so functional and complete… yes.

Sharing (can be saved with an Android File Manager, too):

Exporting at the command line: