Connecting to WIFI by scanning QR code

Is this something that is supported or it is impossible.

I scanned a code with @slava Code Reader, it generated a link but upon taping it, it didn’t work as expected (connect to the wifi).

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Is it a link starting with WIFI:S:?
My box generates such links and they are not supported, but in the P: parameter of the link you have the password, which permits you to copy/paste it, removing 90% of the “pain” :slight_smile:

Yes its WIFI: etc etc.

So its a problem with SFOS not understanding the link.

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Please see the recent (Nov 29-30) comments for Code Reader app in Jolla Store.

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So maybe this should be transformed to a feature request for an unprivileged API for asking the user if they want to connect to a WiFi?
(that Code Reader could then use)

Actually connecting and saving the credentials is reasonable to have privileged… but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be solved.

To save people a few taps it basically says that it cant be included due to limitations in the store.

One more usefull app that is crippled by the store rules. :expressionless: